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Air Sinai – A Secret Airlines from Egypt to Israel? How to Book Ticket?

Do you know there is a secret Air lines between Egypt to Israel (Tel Aviv)? Yes, I am talking about Air Sinai. But what’s the reason that it’s kept secret from a long time? What is the motive behind keeping it secret? How you book ticket on Air Sinai? I will share everything about Air Sinai – The secret airlines in this article.

What is Air Sinai?

According to Wikipedia “Air Sinai is an airline based in Cairo, Egypt. It operates as a ‘paper-airline’ for parent company EgyptAir under a wet lease-like agreement.”  That means Air Sinai operates under the EgyptAir with no Logo mark, no website to book online and even no facebook/twitter page for queries.

Why it is kept secret?

It’s because the tension between Israel and Muslim countries such as Egypt. Majority of Muslims and Jewish people hate each other due to the palestine conflicts. Therefore EgyptAir kept the airline secret which is between Egpyt and Telviv. There is no website of Air Sinai, no facebook page, no twitter handle and virtually no trail of it’s existence.

How to Book Air ticket between Egypt to Israel using Air Sinai?

Since there is no official website of Air Sinai, you can’t book ticket of Air Sinai Online. However you can book the ticket in person. There is a office of Air sinai in Egypt where you can book the ticket. According to the Israel Air Authority website below is the detail of Air sinai:

YATA Code: 4D

Terminal: 3

Check in for the flight starts 3 hours before schedule departure time.

Kiosk check-in is available.

Online check-in is not available.

Ground handling and Ticketing services are rendered by QAS-Quality Airport Services.

List of Airlines representatives in accordance with Aviation Services Law (Compensation and

Assistance for Flight Cancellation or Change of Conditions):

  • 1 Ben Yehuda St.Tel-Aviv
  • Tel-Aviv 03-5102481/2/3
    Airport 03-9754015
  • 03-5102486

Check out the video of Nas Daily for more detail about Air Sinai

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