Is Breaking Bad on Netflix – USA, Australia, Canada, UK, NZ? and Other Countries

Breaking bad premiered on 20 January 2008 and since then it is watched by millions of people around the world. And many people around the world still watching Breaking Bad. As we now that Netflix is covering almost every country in the world so now people from other countries than US searching for Breaking bad on Netflix.

The crime drama Breaking bad tells the story of a chemistry professor Walter White who swaps his teaching job and making meth to make lots of money to cure his lung cancer. He partnered with Jessy who is his former student and they both start the business of selling meth to the local punks in the town.

Is Breaking Bad on Netflix?

Yes breaking bad (62 Episodes)  is available on Netflix USA.

List of countries where Breaking Bad is available:

CountriesAvailability Link
CanadaYesClick Here
AustraliaNot Available-
UKAvailableClick Here
New ZealandNot Available-


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