When Will ‘Wanted’ Season 3 be on Netflix? or Netflix Instant?

Wanted is a Australian TV show that aired on Seven Network. It’s a story of two complete strangers who are in a carjacking while waiting at a bus stop. While the carjacking, police wrongly murdered. After witnessing the murder both of them have to work together to avoid being framed for the murder they didn’t commit. As the show is high demand and Netflix has only 2 Seasons of Wanted. The subscribers started asking “When will season 3 of Wanted be on Netflix?

Will there be Season 3 of Wanted on Netflix?

The season 3 of Wanted is going to launch on Seven Network and so we know it will be on Netflix Soon however the question remain unanswered that is ‘WHEN?’ let us find out.

After studying the data and pattern on when Netflix releases TV shows it has been found that Wanted Season 3 will be release after 10 months of releasing on seven Network. So Wanted season 3 should be available to stream on Netflix by October 30th, 2018.

Is Wanted Season 3 on Netflix Instant?

As we all know Netflix Instant is doing everything to get latest movies and TV shows as soon as possible competition TV networks. Currently there is no confirmation about Wanted Season 3 on Netflix instant but we can predict that it will be anywhere between July to October 2018.

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