Will There Be Season 2 of Everything Sucks? And When?

Everything Sucks is a great sitcom by Netflix but in reality it really doesn’t sucks. The show has received great reviews from both critics as well as the Netflix Subscribers. The real question is whether there will be another season of Everything Sucks? Well the chances are very high that the season will be back because of the great reviews. Although there is no official confirmation from Netflix.

When will Everything Sucks season 2 release on Netflix?

Looking at the previous similar Netflix shows we can predict that Everything Sucks Season 2 will be after a year from now that is February 28th, 2019.

What is Everything Sucks?

Everything Sucks is a Netflix’s latest Original sitcom series which depicts the lives of 90’s teenager who study in a high school in a town called Boring. The current rating of Everything Sucs in imdb is 7.4

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