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How to Get Wooden Crates Free + Where to Buy

There are few situations when you need a Wooden Crates for your project such as Crafting, Furniture, or any other related work. Many people recently started searching for Wooden crates online. Some people wanted to buy Wooden Crates. In this article we are going to share some of the places where you get Wooden Crates for free. We will also list places where you can buy Wooden Crates.

Things to Consider before buying/getting Wooden Crates

It’s very important to know that not every wooden crates are made equal. The Crates or pallets you buy from stores will be different from where you get them for free. Some crates may have nails and screws, and be aware that many pallets/crates will need to be sanded before using them for furniture and other projects.

Where to Find Wooden Crates and Pallets for Free

1. Hardware, Furniture or Gardening stores

Hardware or furniture stores are ideal place to get wooden crates. Many times store owner throw away unused Pallets or crates. But before you pick one always ask the store owner if they are ok if you take one.

Another great place is Gardening store where you can get wooden crates for free. Most of the products of gardening store are stored in Wooden Crates and store owners usually don’t need them. You can get one for free, just ask the store owner if they have spare wooden crates.

2. Recycling Companies

There are many recycling companies if you live in metropolitan area. Most of the recycling companies do have wooden crates. The Crates/Pallets you find in recycling companies are not in the best shape. If you are planning to do some vintage projects than wooden crates from recycling companies would be best.

3. Newspaper Companies

Newspaper companies receive their Newspaper almost daily in wooden crates. And almost every town you will find Newspaper companies. You might get Wooden crates for free, just ask them if they have one in spare.

4. Craiglist.com

Craiglist is one of the biggest resource to find any thing free or paid based on your region. Just visit the site, select your location and click on the free section. Or you can directly search for “Free Wooden Crates” in the search box of Craiglist. Or if you can pay then search on the Sale section of craiglist.

5. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are another best place to find Wooden crates for free. Check out any grocery store in your location for a free Wooden Crates.

Places to Buy Wooden Crates or Pallets

If you are planning to Buy Wooden Crates instead of getting free then look at the best stores where you can buy wooden crates in good quality.

1. Hobby Lobby

2. Jo-Ann

3. Michael’s

4. Ebay.com

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